Text of Confidentiality policy: Apps for children over 13 years old.

Collection and usage of data:
This privacy policy indicates what information is collected by digiSchool via its apps, and what we do with this information.
Any personal information is wanted while downloading one of our apps and any information is collected while using the apps.

Political text of confidentiality: digiSchool apps

Your email address, as well as potentially registered additional information will not be used for the newsletter. You may unsubscribe from the newsletter anytime you want.

Email address usage for a technical support :

In case of question on our apps, you can contact us via email. The email address used to contact us and any further information that concerns you and related to the email subject will only be used to handle your request.

Personal information :

The email address given for the newsletter will only be used for that reason. When you communicate your address as part of the support, we will only use it to answer your questions and to help you. The addresses that you give us will never be transferred to other companies except for these following cases :
1- we share your addresses with our hosting provider for our newsletters.
2- In case of merger or acquisition of our company. You will obviously be warned of any such change by email and on our website.

Internet data usage:

It is possible that we use cookies in order to get information about your interactions with our website. Thus, on our website pages we will have information of what you have been visiting and how much time you have been spent on it. This allows us to continuously improve our website in its content in order to provide pertinent content. Most of the web browsers allow you to deactivate those cookies, in case you do not want them.

Correction and personal information update

In accordance with the article 34 of the law “Data Protection Act” of January 6th, 1978, changed by the law of the August 6th, 2004 (French legislation), you are entitled to have access to modification, rectification and suppression of data that are related to you.
In order to practice your right of opposition, rectification or correction, you are invited to contact us at this following address : contact@digischool.com.


For any further enquiry on our privacy policy, do not hesitate to contact us by writing or sending us an email or a letter to this following address :
16 rue de Turbigo
75002 Paris